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Kicking Shield “Extreme”

Size: 35 cm x 75 cm x 15 cm

For quick kicks and hard blows - “Extreme” punch pad.

You can give all at the “extreme” punch pad, and you will be amazed by the enormous performance. In the robust cover made of vinyl and polyester, there is a core made of multi-layer foam, which convinces with its unique impulse absorption.

Your advantages:

  • ergonomic curvature
  • rounded edges
  • impact-resistant material
  • flexible holding system
  • dimensions: 75 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm

Partner exercises on the “extreme” punch pad.

Not only will the practicing athlete like the “Extreme” punch pad, but the training partner behind it also benefits from the first-class workmanship. The impact energy is distributed over a large area via the curvature and absorbed by the sturdy padding. The “extreme” becomes a training pleasure for both sides, thanks to the countless handle variants.

Give your equipment the final kick.

Gone are the days of standard - from now on, you can design your equipment according to your mood. Fresh colors bring variety and make the training equipment interesting for other athletes in the fitness and leisure sector. Together with your own logo or lettering, the “extreme” becomes a statement for your sport.





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